Help and support for anyone dealing with the loss of a baby through stillbirth or miscarriage.

Telephone: 0808 164 3332



Listening and Guidance

People don’t always need advice, sometimes they just need someone to listen.

Are you trying to make sense of a problem?
Are you struggling with a loss: family, friend, house, job, pet?
Are you struggling to come to terms with an illness?
Are you finding relationships difficult?
Are you finding the pressures of life leaving you feeling empty and drained?

Listening and Guidance is a new service that allows individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings with an advisor. The advisor will listen to you without judgement and with respect to your beliefs and experiences.

Appointments are available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Matt Brookes at Three Villages Medical Practice, Stourbridge, DY8 4JB.

To make an appointment, please contact us online by completing the Contact the Practice form or by telephone on 01384 484894.

Dudley Council

For advice and information on bereavement support available online and in your local area.


The Mary Stevens Hospice Bereavement Support

Every day, The Mary Stevens Hospice strive to achieve our vision of providing a safe, compassionate environment, with highly-skilled staff with time to listen, advise and create personalised holistic programmes of care.

Telephone: 01384 443 010

Website: Bereavement Support

Cruse Bereavement Care

Offering support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies.

Telephone: 01332 332 098

Facebook: @crusebereavementcare

Twitter: @CruseCare