Non-NHS Work

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges.

Examples include the following:

  • Elderly Drivers
  • Pre-employment, hepatitis B injections
  • Fitness for certain sports, HGV, taxi medical, adoption medicals etc. are done by a special arrangement
  • Private note

These services can be arranged through reception staff and a fee will be charged at the recommended BMA rate. Please ask a member of the staff for current rates.

Sick Notes

You are required to provide your employer with a self certificate for the first 7 days of your illness (no charge). There is a charge for a private certificate for this period.

If your illness exceeds 7 days you will need to see the doctor for a Statement of Fitness for Work (med 3 or fit note). There is no charge.

From April 2010, the fit note replaced the sick note (medical statement or doctor’s note).

Your GP will choose the ‘may be fit for work’ option if they think that returning to work – with support from your employer – will help you.

Fees for Patient Specific Non-NHS Services

Certificates and Forms

Signatures – £30.00
Private Sick Note – £20.00
Fitness to Exercise – £20.00
“To Whom it May Concern” Letter – £25.00
Driving Licence Photo Verification – £36.00
Sickness Accident Benefit Form – £36.00
Camp America Forms – £60.00
Ofsted Forms – £87.50

Medical Examinations

HGV Drivers Medical Examination – £120.00
Taxi/LGV/PSV Medical Examination – £120.00
Foster Medical Examination – £88.63

Medical Reports

Form AH2 update report on Parent/Carer – £29.23
Full Report – £93.90
Blue Badge Report/Dudley MBC Report – £36.00
Court of Protection/Lasting Power of Attorney – £93.90

Reports for Insurance Companies

GPR – £114.00
GPR with Examination – £156.00
Additional Information (Supplement to original report) – £30.00
Insurance Questionnaires – £36.00

Travel Abroad

Travel Cancellation – £36.00
Fitness to Travel – £20.00
Private Prescription to Travel – £10.00
Vaccination Certificate – £20.00
Hepatitis B vaccination (per injection) – £30.00

Private Consultation

Routine Consultation (Oversees visitors not eligible for NHS treatment) – £35.00
Private Prescription – £10.00